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Custom Quote Beach glass Mosaic Heart Sign Shadowbox

Custom Quote Beach glass Mosaic Heart Sign Shadowbox

This beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade shadowbox features a Custom quote beach glass mosaic heart . Carefully crafted from genuine beach glass found on the shores of Lake Michigan, this mosaic glistens with a little sparkle and is sealed with resin. It has been lovelying hand painted and distressed. Perfect for adding a touch of coastal charm to any home, this piece of inspirational art is sure to be treasured for years to come. 

Sometimes life is fully of messy bits, maybe a little chaotic but when it boils down to everything you are made of love.  You are the she with the big heart .  this is the perfect reminder for you that whatever chaos comes your way you have got it under control because your love is so much bigger ! 

Pick which saying you would like your sign to read from one of our classic sayings . or let us know if you would like your own saying put on it ! 

 Made from a recycled wood box . 

One of a kind .

Hand made in the USA . 

. #beachcoastaldecor  measures  5 x 5"

Bring a little beach vibe and inspiration to your home or share with a friend ! 

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