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Beth's Story

She is Unfinished owner Beth Walker

Hi ! I am Beth .. I am so happy you found me.. I want to start by saying I am soo glad you are here..

A little about my unfinished journey..

 Well for starters I am a born entrepreneur and have a deep passion for empowering women with words of encouragement and love.  I built my first business as a  jewelry designer for my corporation “Beth Quinn Designs” starting in 2007.  I learned the ins and outs of what works and doesn’t being a female creative entrepreneur.  I definitely know the courage it takes to put your whole self and heart out there and recognize what hard work it takes to start from the beginning and ground up.   I also understand what it is like to feel burnout, lost and overwhelmed.  I have learned how to walk away from what was no longer fulfilling in my life and build a new life starting a new chapter and new beginning.  

Throughout my life I have overcome tragedy and loss as so many of you have. .  My grandmother whom I was very close with passed on my wedding day and my father died 10 months later while I was pregnant with my first child.   I also have two sons that were born with disabilities and know what it takes as a mom and business owner to work through these challenges.  My first son was born with a cleft lip and palate and my second son had a stroke before birth and lives with cerebral palsy.    I  have always risen above and persevered through life .  Always continuing on my unfinished journey.   I learned so much from my dad whose life was ended to soon at age 49, I was a daddy’s girl.    His unfinished life left me a legacy to continue on with by his love for being an entrepreneur and working with his hands everyday.  He taught me so much about life and how to run a business.  I started working with his tools when I was very young and still have many of them that I use to this day.  My grandmother taught me how to be a strong woman as she was a single mother to 7 children. 

My mission is to bring the spark back into your life , your business or yourself.  I believe in using your gifts to find the trueness that lives within your heart.  I am a heartistic warrior that knows you have the power to write and create a beautiful life you love.  My passion can be seen in so many aspects of my life whether it’s in my artful creations that I make with my own two hands or other tools that I provide you.  I just love sharing my knowledge and gifts with the world.  I have sold my jewelry world wide and have a strong following of fans that I mostly call friends.  I also have a Master’s Degree and am a Licensed Social Worker.  My love for empowering women shows in my work and life.   I know that each one of us is still unfinished but we want to create a wonderful life we can be proud of living and living life to our fullest.    Come along with me and learn ways to make the most of your unfinished life, and maybe you will find the true you in the transition of life !!

She didn’t follow in anyone’s path instead she created her own. 

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