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She is Unfinished

              Well Hello Dear Friends   ,

 You may know me as Beth Quinn Designs, but my story is still unfinished and I am here to bring that sparkle back into your world too! We all have a story and gifts to be shared .Your story is not finished, but the next chapter is waiting to be told..  I would love to help you ignite that sparkle within.  I hope in my little world you discover some of your own gifts to share with the world or a piece of my work that you can share with other SHE"S in your life ..  It all begins now .. you will never be younger then you are at this moment .. 

"                and one day she woke up 

                         and discovered her own light

                and her inner warrior.  she became

                       the main character of HER story

                   that was waiting to be written"

                                    all my love , 



Calling all Creative Hearted Women!


Ready to ignite your inner sparkle? Does creating and learning light you up ? Ready to use your gifts to tell your story . Take a course TODAY. 

 Heart Spark Academy is 

now open  ! 

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