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She packed up her past and let that shit go..

The awakening ..

One day I woke up well, it was really a progressive thing.. for 20 plus years I poured my heart and soul into my children’s lives and filled everyone’s cup but my own.. I let myself go .. I truly didn't love my self at all .. I thought I was selfish

Ha ! boy why are we never taught in the beginning how to care for ourselves ?? maybe we wouldn’t find ourselves at this point so many years later.. in a midlife transition or awakening .. like .... Wait you can love yourself first and take care of husband and family… but wait .. there has to be a missing link in all of this .. and it comes down to accountability of yourself .. which is lost and so busy being the Main Character in someones else's story that we forget we are actually writing the story we want to tell. We are shadow characters .. so busy being the supportive role that our story gets lost. We try so hard to People Please and Caregive for others that we become a shell of a character we thought we were... Am I right.. society has set so many norms on what is okay and what is not .. whats politically correct and what is not .. and the women in the family was set way back in a time when the generation of the people in there 60 and 70’s were trying to figure it all out… are our parents..

So why are sooo many women having an awakening .. I hear countless stories of women b